Nyt bofællesskab i Vejle

Online launch: Join us in co-creating a new village in Vejle! 🌱


Thursday, November 23, 2023
15:30 - 18:30

Here is an invitation for you, if you're curious about being part of creating a new village in Vejle - and if you cannot attend our physical launch on Tuesday, November 21st in Vejle. We will follow up on Tuesday's launch and go through some details about the new village - and you are very welcome.

Important to note:

  • It is an interactive, participatory workshop! - If you are able to, please attend with possibility to contribute actively! We want to see & hear you :-)
  • The workshop will take place in English! To try and meet most people, we are doing two launch events: A physical in Danish & an online in English. Please let us know if this is causing you any trouble. Thanks :)

It's a unique opportunity to be involved right from the beginning. We are right now(!) creating a village together! We will decide what we have in common, how we want our daily lives to look, and what values and frames we want to guide our community. And you can be part of it all - this whole process starts with these two launch workshops: The physical on in Vejle on Nov. 21st. & this online launch on Nov. 23rd.!

The new community is part of Ny Rosborg in the area called Nordholmen outside Vejle. There will be around 30 dynamic wooden houses, distributed in various small and large housing types, multiple floors, with terraces and varied outdoor spaces, communal houses, playgrounds, herb gardens, etc. - so the overall impression becomes a vibrant village for people who want something. Together.

The architect is Tegnestuen Vandkunsten, and the contractor is Enemærke & Petersen, while we at Almenr will lead and organize both the construction and community building process.

  • If you want to participate in the event in Vejle on Tuesday, November 21st, then sign up here.
  • Are you interested in becoming a resident? You can sign up for Vejle by becoming a member of Almenr. See more here.
  • Do you want to read more about the new village in Vejle? Then click here.

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