Gammalstorp intro meeting


Wednesday, September 20, 2023
14:00 - 15:00
TEAMS (online)

We are currently building a community in a forrest in the south of Sweden. We are 75 who together own a forrest village with summerhouses in many sizes spread across the wild nature. Gammalstorp is a vision for creating a much more sustainable, social and economic model for owning summerhouses.

Are you curious about Gammalstorp, and considering becoming a co-founder and shareholder of the whole village? Then this is a good introduction.

We take members in every second month, these new members can use the village a year after becoming a member and co-owner of it all.
We are a building community, which means, that we only build what we need, and therefore we will add new houses and facilities according to the amount of members we are. Until we reach 120 owners.

There is five (of six) available spots for the October round, and the share price are sold at 395.000 kr. until the village is built.

When you press 'attend' you will get sent a link to the online meeting.

In this meeting, we will discuss the following:

  • Who the other owners are
  • Who Almenr is
  • The timeline and economics
  • Why co-ownership is more sustainable
  • Questions from the participants

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Barbara Hilton